Pork Tips/How-Tos | BBQ Pitmasters | Destination America

Find out what you need to know about cooking pork in this BBQ Pitmasters video playlist. Watch now, only on Destination America.

Preparing Ham | BBQ Pitmasters | Destination America

David Bouska, Michael Character, and Mark "Pig Daddy" Little kick off the BBQ Pitmasters semi-finals in Fredericksburg, VA, by talking about their ham.


Box Preparation | BBQ Pitmasters | Destination America

Returning champions David Bouska, Michael Character, and Mark "Pig Daddy" Little discuss how they prepare their boxes for the judges.



BBQ Pitmasters In Action | BBQ Pitmasters | Destination America

BBQ Pitmasters goes back to the pit. Check out these photos from the set.

Spare Rib Preparation | BBQ Pitmasters | Destination America

At the "Smokin' in the Square Festival" in Pensacola, Florida, David Bouska, Eric Thomas, and "Big Jim" Modesitt show off their best spare ribs.

BBQ Pit Wars | Destination America

Destination America TV shows take you inside the best wonders, mysteries and culture of American destinations. Check out Destination America TV shows now!

BBQ Pitmasters | Destination America

On BBQ Pitmasters, steak isn't the only thing that's sizzling as these grill masters face off in the ultimate BBQ showdown.

Preparing Ham | BBQ Pitmasters
Secrets of Cooking Bone-In Ham


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